(WSVN) - Chris is from Canada, and he heats up Deco every night, right? But there’s one Canadian proving things north of the border can get steamy. And she’s sizzling up the latest issue of Ocean Drive Magazine.

Shay Mitchell (as Emily Fields): “You know what, Paige? You need to suck it up. If you want to beat me, work harder.”

She may be best known for her role on “Pretty Little Liars.” But now, Shay Mitchell is the pretty woman heating up the cover of Ocean Drive’s May/June issue.

Shay Mitchell: “We shot in such a cool house. It reminded me of a Slim Aarons photo. It’s been really fun to kind of go with this whole sort of 70s theme.”

In true Miami fashion, Shay is white hot in her cover photo. But how’s this for “that’s so Miami?”

Shay Mitchell: “My favorite food in Miami? Oof, there’s a really good Greek restaurant, but I would have to say a Cuban sandwich in Little Havana.”

High-five to that. Shay shared a lot of secrets — like how she gets her glowing skin.

Shay Mitchell: “Coconut oil — use it on my hair, on my skin, everything. Sunscreen — major sunscreen fanatic, every single season, but especially during the summer. You don’t want wrinkles.”

And when it comes to weathering the sizzling Miami summer months…

Shay Mitchell: “Less is more in the summer. If you can find a tinted moisturizer with SPF, you’re golden.”

Shay also shares tips on how to nail the social media game. With 16 million Instagram followers, she definitely knows what she’s doing.

Shay Mitchell: “Take 5,000 more shots than you think you may need, because if you don’t get it in that moment, you’ll be upset later.”

Shay Mitchell: “I’d say find your light — lighting is everything.”

But on a more serious note, she says…

Shay Mitchell: “Have fun and don’t take it too seriously.”

And for all you “Pretty Little Liars” fans curious about what’s next…

Shay Mitchell: “This second half of the final season is truly a love letter to the fans. All of your questions will be answered, and I promise I’m not lying.”

If Shay has her way…

Shay Mitchell: “I hope you guys enjoy it, and I’ll see you in Miami.”

Ocean Drive Magazine

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