Pressure rises for 8 contestants on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Play time is definitely over on “So You Think You Can Dance.” We’re getting down to the wire with Monday night’s new episode. The remaining dancers need to pull out all the stops if they’re going to convince the judges and audience they should move on.

Cat Deeley: “The pressure is on.”

Yeah, no kidding.

There are only eight contestants left on “So You Think You Can Dance,” so they better bring their A game if they wanna advance to the next round.

Vanessa Hudgens: “The dancers at this point are very, very competitive and super, super strong, and some gotta go home.”

Nigel Lythgoe: “We’re going to see someone in the Bottom Three, and they are not voted into the Bottom Three, they just not voted out of the Bottom Three; there’s not enough votes coming in.”

Winning it all is the ultimate goal, but going on the national tour ain’t a bad consolation prize.

Ooh, ooh — take me with you!

Mary Murphy: “And great that all 10 of the kids will be going and the All-Stars. That’s kind of a first ’cause sometimes the All-Stars don’t get to go on the tour, but they will this time.”

At the very least, the dancers are learning something new each week.

Kaylee Millis: “Coming into this, I never had to rely on anyone. I was always a soloist and independent, and now I had to give my trust to someone like that, and it’s super hard for me.”

Dassy Lee: “There are a lot of pressures to everyone, seeing other people doing it ’cause everyone is so special and talented.”

Koine Iwasaki: “We are our worst enemies, so it’s hard not to beat ourselves up if we don’t do it a certain way, and we both remind ourselves, ‘Hey, you got this.'”

The big two-hour dance extravaganza airs at 8 o’clock, right after Deco.

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