Pratt and Holland, ‘Onward’s’ elf siblings, talk about their real-life brothers

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland play brothers with daddy issues in “Onward.” They’re telling Deco that the movie is impacting their relationships with their real-life brothers.

Tom Holland (as Ian Lightfoot): “What was Dad like?”

Chris Pratt (as Barley Lightfoot): “His beard was scratchy. He had a goofy laugh.”

Tom Holland (as Ian Lightfoot): “I wish I’d met him”.

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland play brothers on a magical mission to spend one more day with their long-dead father. Both actors have shared photos of their own brothers on social media so we wanted to know if these roles changed their own relationships with their brothers.

Tom Holland: “That’s an interesting question.”

Chris Pratt: “I’m in the same position, in a way, as Dan, our director. He made this movie, wrote this story, directed this story based on something in his own life, which is his relationship with his own brother in the wake of having lost their father at a young age. My brother and I had a very similar type of situation. We weren’t as young when we lost our father, but we both have gone through the passing of our father, and my brother doesn’t know what this movie’s about, and so I cannot wait to take him to see this movie.”

Tom Holland: “He doesn’t know what it’s about?”

Chris Pratt (as Barley Lightfoot): “Oh, it’s just legs. I definitely remember Dad having a top part.”

Tom Holland (as Ian Lightfoot): “Oh, what did I do?”

Chris Pratt: “I’ve kind of just told him, ‘Oh, it’s about brothers. You’re going to love this movie. Trust me, you’re really gonna love, but he has no idea what this movie’s about.”

So things could get pretty emotional if his bro is blindsided at the premiere.

Chris Pratt: “Yeah, I think. Yeah, for sure.”

Tom Holland: “Wow, dude, that’s going to be an amazing moment, man. My brothers are like my best friends in life. They truly are like the greatest people I know, and I’m so lucky that they’re so supportive of what I’m doing, and they’re so happy to come along with me on this crazy journey, ’cause for me, like, what’s the point of living in this world if you can’t share it with anyone? And the best people to share it with, for me, are my little brothers.”

Chris Pratt (as Barley Lightfoot): “This spell brings him back. For one whole day, Dad will be back!”

“Onward” is now showing in theaters across the country.

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