Power Rangers return in action-packed big screen adventure

There’s an old saying: Morphin’ ain’t easy, but it’s pretty darn cool. And only super awesome morphing can save the world. Plaid Ranger Chris Van Vliet is here with a look at the all-new “Power Rangers.”

The Power Rangers are back, and this time they have a new group of kids, with a new back story and some super cool new costumes. It’s sure to have fans screaming, “Go! Go! Power Rangers!”

The franchise is a favorite from Millennials’ childhood days, and this movie shows us how these five kids become Power Rangers.

Dacre Montgomery (as Jason, aka Red Ranger): “None of us really know each other, but we were all in the same place when Billy found those coins.”

In the new origin story, those “coins” serve as the source of their power. The gang finds ’em in a ship that crashed on Earth millions of years ago.

Getting a new crew to gel ain’t easy, but this group quickly became BFFs in front of the camera and behind it.

RJ Cyler: “Are we getting in at 3:30 in the morning right now, even though we need to get up at 6? OK, never mind.”

Becky G. (as Trini, aka Yellow Ranger): “Me and four kids found a spaceship buried underground. Pretty sure I’m a superhero.”

And they think this movie will make both the original fans — who are at least 30 now — and new, younger fans happy.

Becky G.: “It feels nostalgic, but at the same time, yes, it is new.”

Ludi Lin: “I think they’re gonna love it.”

And speaking of old meets new…

Bryan Cranston (as Zordon): “The answer to what is happening to you is here. You five are the Power Rangers.”

The face in the wall is Bryan Cranston. In the movie, he’s playing their mentor, but back in the day, he was the voice of a bad guy.

And speaking of bad guys…

Elizabeth Banks (as Rita Repulsa): “Five little Rangers. How cute!”

Elizabeth Banks steals the show as the rapacious Rita Repulsa.

Elizabeth Banks: “The original Rita Repulsa, she was insane! She’s an alien, she’s 60 million years old, she’s a nutso narcissist who’s like maniacal.”

But Elizabeth is gonna make you forget all about the old Rita, ’cause in this movie’s she’s just as insane, nutso and maniacal!

And don’t feel bad if you end up rooting for her.

Elizabeth Banks: “You’re the exact right person. I’m rooting for Rita to win, too.”

Bryan Cranston (as Zordon): “Any other questions?”

RJ Cyler (as Billy, aka Blue Ranger): “Are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man?”

The movie tries to be true to the original spirit of the Rangers, and not just in cool costumes and the over-the-top campiness.

Elizabeth Banks: “They have like a winking silliness to them. It’s still about friends who get together and fight bad guys, and I love that this is very much about friends who get together and fight bad guys.”

“Power Rangers” punches its way into theaters March 24.

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