Miami Beach is full of Pride this week!

The LGBTQ+ community is celebrating with fabulous festivities and, of course, the big parade on Sunday, but something new to the calendar this year might have you striking a pose.

Deco’s Alex Miranda, who only likes to be seen from his good side, has the story.

Ballroom culture has a deep history in the LGBTQ+ community.

You might have seen some of the action on the hit shows “Pose” and “Legendary,” or the critically acclaimed documentary “Paris Is Burning,” but we know where to experience some good old voguing in person.

Miami Beach Pride is heating up…

Peter Carey: “It’s a safe space for us in the LGBTQ+ community, and it’s just a celebration of love, life, and happiness.”

…now through Sunday! But for the first time ever, you can serve, strut, and sashay at the inaugural Legends Ball, hosted by “Pose” star Jason Rodriguez.

Jason Rodriguez: “It starts within. It’s about confidence. It’s about presence.”

Alex Miranda: “So you just pose, pose, and then… [dip]”

Jason Rodriguez: “Oh, bam! I couldn’t see it, but I’m sure you held it!”

It’ll be a fabulous celebration of ballroom culture Friday at 8 p.m.

Jason Rodriguez: “If you’re going to be an audience member, I would say dress up. Put on a look.”

Victor Lords is a part of the House of Lords, one of the families competing.

Victor Lords: “Balls have different categories, like voguing, and arms control, and fashion.”

But we can’t talk voguing…

Victor Lords: “Three… Four… Five… Six…”

Alex Miranda: “Why do I feel like I’m doing the Macarena right now?”

Without talking…

Madonna: “Come on, vogue…”

Victor Lords: “Madonna. Like madonna!”

Alex Miranda: “But she didn’t invent voguing…”

Victor lords: “No, she didn’t.”

Alex Miranda: “But she did celebrate it.”

Victor lords: “But she has some of the most legendary voguers from the legendary House of Xtravaganza.”

Featured in the 1990 documentary, “Paris Is Burning.”

Victor Lords: “If it was not for them and Madonna coming together, the scene would not have blown up.”

And continue to!

Victor Lords: “Thanks to ‘Pose,’ and thanks to shows like ‘Legendary,’ ballroom is really mainstream now.”

And it has meant more than just fun for queer and trans communities of color.

Victor Lords: “Building self-confidence, and building self-love, and learning to really loving yourself, and embrace what you can do.”

And the House of Lords and the House of Ebony gave us a preview of what they can do, at Nathan’s Bar on South Beach!

Madonna: “If the music pumping, it will bring you new life. You’re a superstar, yes that’s what you are, you know it.”

Tickets start at $35. And, my apologies, I just couldn’t help myself.

The Legends Ball is going down tomorrow at 1235 Washington Avenue on South Beach.


Miami Beach Pride Legends Ball
1235 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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