It’s a Japanese inspired sandwich that’s from a hot new Mimo District restaurant. That’s what’s on the menu tonight as we grab a Bite with Belkys.

The Chef: Alex Chang
The Restaurant: Vagabond Restaurant & Bar in Miami
The Dish: Pork Tonkatsu Sandwich

2 pieces white bread (or your favorite)
1 pork loin cutlet, pounded thin
1 tbs. Japanese mayo
1 tbs. Tonkatsu sauce
1 tsp. Japanese mustard
3 eggs, beaten
1 cup All Purpose flour
1 cup Panko bread crumbs
2 tbs. Yuzu Kosho sauerkraut (or plain sauerkraut)
Yuzu Kosho
*6 Tbsp minced chili pepper
3 tbs. Yuzu zest
1 tbs. kosher salt
Grind chili pepper with salt. Add Yuzu zest and grind to combine. Blend ingredients in a food processor and puree to a fine paste. Allow to rest at room temperature for at least an hour- but over night is better. Mix in with sauerkraut to desired taste.

Method of Preparation:
-Start with a pork loin cutlet. Pound it out to tenderize then season on both sides with salt. Dip it in all-purpose flour, then egg wash and plain Panko bread crumbs. Cover completely and then fry it in peanut oil at 350 degrees for about 4 minutes. When it’s golden brown, let it drain on a paper towel. Season it again with a bit more salt.

-Build the sandwich on white bread, adding Japanese mayonnaise, Tonkatsu sauce and spicy Japanese mustard, all of which can be found at Asian markets.

– Add Yuzu Kosho Sauerkraut next (or plain). Put the pork cutlet on the sauerkraut and top it with the bread.

To Plate:|
-Cut the sandwich down the middle, plate with french fries and serve.

Serving suggestion: Bibo Fizz cocktail

Serves: 1

Vagabond Restaurant & Bar
The Vagabond Hotel
7301 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, Florida 33138
(786) 409-5635

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