Today, we’re celebrating Father’s Day. Actually, we’re celebrating one father: “American Dad.”

The animated comedy is now on TBS and kicking off it’s 17th season Monday.

Seems like a perfect time to meet two of the faces behind the American Dad voices.

Hayley Smith, a.k.a. Rachael MacFarlane, knows how special it is to be around that long.

Rachael Macfarlane: “It’s kind of mind-boggling honestly. I mean, there aren’t a lot of shows out there that get a run like we’ve had, and we are so grateful to our fans who just keep coming back for more.”

Rachael’s been voicing the teenage rebel since the show began in 2005.

She says playing Hayley has kept her young.

Rachael MacFarlane: “The fact that it’s animated doesn’t hurt because, obviously we’re not– our characters aren’t aging. We might be aging, but I’m still 18. I’ve been 18 for, you know, 17 years.”

Dee Bradley Baker brings life and a German accent to Klaus, the goldfish.

The little fishy who was once an alpine skier is a fan favorite.

But things could’ve been a lot different, if it wasn’t for Dee.

Dee Bradley Baker: “Klaus was originally written as a French fish. I think his name was Francoise, and I read it as a German fish. I completely defied the description of the audition and just did what I thought was the funniest thing.”

Rachael believes the years have been kind to the series and the fans of the show.

Rachael Macfarlane: “And when you have this many seasons at your disposal, there’s an ability to get really deep with the characters and fill them out, so they feel, you know, more real.”

The series has also been picked up for seasons 18 and 19.

So what can we expect from “American Dad”?

Dee, make that Klaus has a guarantee.

Dee Bradley Baker: “You’re going to love it, what we throw at you. We’ll see you there.”

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