Playful new menu items at Barton G.

You know all those times your mom told you not to play with your food? Well, thankfully, the minds behind Barton G. the restaurant didn’t listen. Come hungry and come ready for dinner as a show.

There are restaurants, and then there’s Barton G on South Beach.

Joshua Wahler, chef: “Barton G. The Restaurant is an incredible experience for you to come and see food in a different way.”

This SoFlo fixture takes playing with your food to a new level.

Joshua Wahler: “Over-the-top presentations, amazing cocktails, fantastic food. A great place to come for a show.”

The drinks and dishes look great and taste even better.

Joshua Wahler: “It’s all about the meal, from start to finish.”

Barton G. is known for staples like popcorn shrimp served in a popcorn maker … but now there are some newbies.

Joshua Wahler: “We always want to update and continue to evolve.”

From a 12-ounce meatball served alongside a disco ball, to the Kobe beef sausage served alongside a dog wearing a hot dog costume, the new items are fun and full of flavor.

Joshua Wahler: “The Aztec gone fishing gets presented on a really cool fisherman’s plank with an Aztec wind chime. It’s a whole fish. It just comes out on the table.”

And then there’s the B.G. Platinum Ranch Tomahawk for two.

Joshua Wahler: “It’s going to blow your mind when you see it. Not only is the meat huge; the bone is huge, and the presentation is spectacular.”

This is Surf and Turf — Barton G. style.

Joshua Wahler: “It gets served on a platinum replica of a spearhead. It’s all about shock value.”

Lakeeta Vaccaro, guest: “The food is, like, really good. Plus, it looks really cool when it comes out.”

Don’t forget about Barton G.’s nitrogen pop drinks…

Joshua Wahler: “Blood in the Sky is in homage to my man Prince. It’s served with a purple guitar, gold boots and a beautiful record.”

And you will be saying “sweet!” when you see what’s new on the dessert menu.

Joshua Wahler: “One of our new amazing desserts is called Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all. It’s S’mores, basically, at its core, and we burn it in the restaurant with a torch.”

From the giant cotton candy to the giant dollar bill to the giant steak, size and taste matter here.

Joshua Wahler: “There is something at every price point at Barton G, all the way up to a major splurge of a Tomahawk steak.”

Stick a giant fork in me. I’m full!


Barton G. The Restaurant
1427 West Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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