Plant Miami serves up affordable vegan dishes for Miami Spice

Miami has tons of great restaurants, and now that Miami Spice is in full swing the prices save you lots and lots of green. And it turns out there are some restaurants in Miami that are serving up green too.

No, they aren’t giving away money. They specialize in healthy food.

Time to spice up your Miami Spice experience. Plant Miami in Wynwood is a vegan and mostly raw restaurant.

Adrian Gonzales, Plant Miami: “Basically here, we are trying to educate people on vegan plant-based cuisine.”

Here, it is easy being green.

Adrian Gonzales: “Often times people look at vegan plant-based as kind of dull. We’re trying to change that paradigm.”

And you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy their Miami Spice offerings.

Adrian Gonzales: “A lot of foodies, or people that just really want to check something out that’s different, they have the opportunity to come in here and taste something that they have never tasted before.”

Start with the stone fruit ceviche. Or the “Under Pressure” made with watermelon, cucumber and mozzarella cheese made from cashews.

Because this spot is vegan, dairy isn’t what you think it is.

Adrian Gonzales: “It’s cashew cheese.”

For the entrees, the celery root lasagna is piled high with tomatoes, a walnut bolognese and a creamy cashew sauce.

Adrian Gonzales: “The Cacio e Pepe basically has kelp noodles and we mix it with our cashew sauce in it.”

And it wouldn’t be Spice without dessert.

Adrian Gonzales: “We are also featuring for the Spice menu our papaya cheese cake. It has a cashew maple crust, papaya confit and lemon thyme.”

And since it’s Miami Spice, a three-course lunch is $23 and three course dinner is $39.

Emily Escher: “I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford all I just ate if it wasn’t discounted like that. It was amazing.”

Plant Miami wants everyone to know…

Adrian Gonzales: “You can eat light fare, and feel filled.”


Plant Miami
105 NE 24th St.
Miami, Fl 33137

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