Planet 57 brings a taste of the Caribbean to their pizza

There’s an ongoing debate about whether pineapple belongs on a pizza. Well how about pickles? How about mayo? There’s a new spot in town that’s bringing a taste of the Caribbean to their pizza.

When it comes to out-of-this-world food combinations, Planet 57 in Sunset Place is mixing up some worldly flavors.

Soniliz Espina, Planet 57: “Planet 57 is basically a new concept. It’s Puerto Rican, Italian and pizza all infused in one place.”

The restaurant is popular in Puerto Rico, and now they’re bringing a mash-up to Miami.

Soniliz Espina: “We are a pizza restaurant over there — not infused nothing. Here, we wanted to give it a little twist because it’s Miami, so why not?

Chicharon is a favorite snack on the island, and here it can go inside your pizza crust or on top of your pie.

Soniliz Espina: “The bori pizza is basically a pizza with chicharon de pollo and mofongo on top. Chicharon is basically the pork belly that we deep fry it.”

Or what about a Cuban sandwich pizza?

Soniliz Espina: “It’s basically a pizza, and all the ingredients a Cuban sandwich has on top.”

Alessandro Guadamuz, customer: “It was really good. We have the Cuban sandwich pizza. It had pork, ham, pickles and mayo. You can’t get more Miami than that.”

From a fried whole snapper to the Puerto Rican version of a pork chop, flavors of the island run throughout the menu.

Soniliz Espina: “There are a lot of Puerto Rican restaurants here that aren’t exactly Puerto Rican, even though they say they are Puerto Rican, so we wanted to show Miami what’s actually a Puerto Rican restaurant.”


Planet 57 Restaurant & Bar
5701 Sunset Drive, Suite 102
South Miami, FL 33143

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