Pizza & Burger Pop-Up at the Fontainebleau

Summer in SoFlo usually means it’s hot outside, but now one of the hottest spots in South Florida is inside a resort.

Something delicious has popped up at the Fontainebleau on Miami Beach.

Tracey Franklin: “This is the place to be.”

Michael Mina 74 got a summer makeover.

Customer: “Get here and get here fast.”

For the next few months, MM 74 has turned into “Pizza & Burger – Michael’s Backyard Kitchen.”

Chef Michael Mina: “Pizza & Burger is my summer pop-up here at the Fontainebleau, and it’s replacing MM 74 for the summer. And it’s really how I cook in the summer.”

This new Fontainebleau hot spot is a family affair.

Chef Michael Mina: “This is how we cook at home. My son Anthony loves pizza, and he is in charge of the pizza, and my other son Sammy loves burgers.”

And if your dad is a famous chef, even your pizza and burgers are top-notch.

Anthony Mina: “I like being able to be in the kitchen and cooking.”

Play a family fun game at your table while you nibble on onion rings, wings or the market salad.

Then, it’s about the pizza and burgers.

Chef Michael Mina: “One thing you are going to find is, there are lots of culinary practices that go into what we are doing.”

From the vegetarian Hippie Chick Burger with a huge slice of grilled eggplant, to The Bird (turkey topped with avocado), to The Dry Aged Burger topped with a secret sauce, there’s a burger for every palate.

Tracey Franklin: “I think it’s perfect because you may not want a steak all the time, so it’s light. You still get good taste, and it’s perfect for the resort.”

And, if pizza is more your slice…

Chef Michael Mina: “Some are very classic and others are our own culinary style.”

Take a bite out of the The Standard, with mozzarella and basil, or go for the Pork Store, topped with pepperoni, pancetta and sweet peppers.

Then there’s The Surf.

Chef Michael Mina: “You got mushrooms, corn and lobster that you are cooking separate and putting it on top of the pizza. And then every product that is put on the pizza is cooked to perfection.”

The menu at Pizza & Burger is like getting to grab a bite with Chef Mina and his family.

Chef Michael Mina: “Anthony, you did great. Delicious.”


Pizza & Burger Pop-Up at the Fontainebleau
4441 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33140

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