Pitbull’s iLov305 restaurant in Miami Beach offers colossal desserts

A lot of restaurants offer desserts about the size of your little finger, but not this place! Some are about the size of your head! Maybe even bigger!

The restaurant, iLov305, is a South Beach hotspot.

There’s music, drinks and food, and since it’s from someone with deep South Florida ties, it’s got that Miami feel.

Maria Bermudez, iLov305: “It’s called iLov305 because of Mr. 305. Pitbull is one of the owners, and that makes a difference here in the area. Everybody loves Pitbull, his Latin flavors.”

Pitbull is a giant star, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that some of the food at his restaurant is huge, too.

Maria Bermudez: “We were thinking of something that describes Mr. 305, and since he’s called Mr. Worldwide, we decided doing something round like the world, and we came up with the piñata idea.”

The Mr. Worldwide Chocolate Piñata costs $48.

It gets filled with cookies, fruit, even churros, and you get to smash it with a bat with Pitbull’s catch phrase “Dale!” on it.

Nariah Conley, customer: “The piñata was really good. I didn’t expect all that to come out of it, but it was nice.”

At a foot-and-a-half wide, the Guava and Cheese Flan’s flavors are as big as it is.

Maria Bermudez: “The flan will serve around 12 people. It has to be ordered three days in advance and costs $75.”

The Giant Fortune Cookie is made from scratch and gets filled with goodies and good wishes.

Maria Bermudez: “It’s filled with white chocolate, dark chocolate. It has fruit. It has vanilla flavor. It’s giant, and people are amazed by the size of it.”

The fortune for this $18 colossal cookie goes on top, and it means something special to the owner.

Maria Bermudez: “The fortune is, ‘Where what happens, never happened,’ and it’s a catch phrase from Mr. Pitbull.”

Dale means “go ahead,” so dale and head over to iLov305 for these super-sized sweets.


iLov305 Steakhouse & Nightlife
1060 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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