Pitbull celebrates birthday, grand opening of iLov305 in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Miami’s own Mr. Worldwide is bringing some business to South Beach. Pitbull was on hand for the opening of a new restaurant in the heart of Miami Beach. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet has the story at iLov305. As Pitbull would say: Chris, dalé!

This isn’t just the grand opening of the restaurant. Today is Pitbull’s birthday as well, so it’s a celebration here at iLov305.

The red carpet was rolled out for Pitbull’s new restaurant, iLov305, Tuesday night.

Chris Van Vliet: “So you went from Mr. 305 to Mr. Worldwide. Now you’re Mr. Culinary.”

Pitbull: *laughs* “You caught me off guard with that one. That’s a good name; we can take it on.”

The Ocean Drive hot spot is tropical cuisine meets steakhouse.

Chris Van Vliet: “Do you have a favorite menu item at iLov305?”

Pitbull: “Yeah, my favorite menu item right now is fricase de pollo. Then I’m working on one that’s called pollo a la barbacoa, but there’s only special people that can make that one.”

And it’s not just about the food.

Pitbull: “Well, iLov305, the slogan here is ‘What happens in Miami never happens,’ so when you come here, get ready to exercise, enjoy what convenient amnesia really means. Ha, que rico!”

Before he left, Pitbull had a special message for Channel 7.

Pitbull: “Everybody at Channel 7, I want to tell y’all thank you so much. I’m a fan of everybody. I watch every morning. Keep up the good work and always appreciate the love. With that said, Happy New Year! Dalé, que tu puede!”

You can experience iLov305 for yourself when it opens later this month.


iLov305 Steakhouse & Nightlife
1060 Ocean Dr.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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