MIAMI (WSVN) - Pitbull has backed a program that aims to help Latino small businesses that are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

The program, called the Hispanic Small Business Center, brings together organizations that specialize in helping small businesses.

“There’s nothing like 305,” Pitbull said. “To represent 305 all around the world, you don’t know how special Miami is until you leave Miami.”

The partnership includes the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Hello Alice, and there have been 6,000 owners who have applied for help so far.

Small business owners can apply online through the Hispanic Small Business Center for resources and an emergency grant, where they could receive up to $10,000.

“They apply for grants up to $10,000,” Jeff Hoffman, GEN’s chairman, said. “They get mentorship, all kinds of support with one simple goal: we can’t let our Latino businesses close. We need to help them.”

“We can rebound quicker if we’re helping those that really help us sustain everything that we got going on right now in these historical times,” Pitbull said. “A virus ends with us, but it will not end us. OK? It’s all about us coming together.”

Together, the program’s organizers have already raised money and are continuing to do so to fund the grants. They hope others will do their part and support this center, as well.

“I certainly hope anybody watching this they can help,” Hoffman said. “The more money we raise, the more businesses we can save. You would think that a lot of people in times like this might say, ‘I’ll just take the $10,000.’ You know what Latino business owners do? They say, ‘Actually, I only need $4,600.’ That literally gets me in the heart every time.”

While they’re not sure how long they’ll keep the Hispanic Small Business Center open, they’re trying to help as many Latino businesses as possible.

“Realistically, we want to help everybody,” Pitbull said. “We’d love to help everybody, but we’re here to help those who need it the most. We’re going to beat this and partnering up to help those, again, that need it the most. You know, they say God closes a door to open a window with a beautiful view. This, what it does right now, is allows us to, like [Hoffman] said, build that community.”

If you are a Latino business owner in South Florida and need help, click here to apply for an emergency grant.

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