Pink is in vogue — and SoFlo boutique, restaurant take colorful trend to next level

Here at Deco, we’re always looking to celebs for some style inspo, and right now, pink is the talk of Tinseltown. We’re checking out two local spots that are taking this colorful trend to the next level.

Don’t just think pink. Rock it!

Pink is totally trending right now. Celebs like Kaley Cuoco, Jurnee Smollett and Lily Collins have all rocked it during awards season.

But it’s always in style at Zoey Reva in Coral Gables.

Zoey Sage, Zoey Reva: “Pink is having such a celebrity moment right now. We’re obsessed with it. We love that it’s having its time now, because we always carry it.”

Zoey’s new store has tons of options to help you look pretty in pink — from fun florals and flowy dresses, to two piece tie-dye sets. There’s even cozy loungewear.

Zoey Sage: “Our clothing is very feminine, very light, very airy, very dainty. We love that it’s perfect for the hot South Florida weather. They’re very easy to wear, and you can, most of the time, dress them up or down.”

Hot pink, rust pink, even pastels for spring. There’s a hue for everyone in your crew.

Zoey Sage: “I just think pink is a universal color that people love. I mean, it makes you feel happy, it’s fun. It can be sexy, but it can also be cute. People just love pink; we love pink.”

Wanna pink it up even more? Head to Casa Sensei in Fort Lauderdale for some colorful creations you can eat and drink.

Patricia Lara, Casa Sensei: “Casa Sensei is a waterfront Pan-Asian Latin fusion restaurant in the heart of Las Olas. Pink is such a wonderful, fun color that we wanted to incorporate it into our menu.”

The restaurant is rolling out two pink sushi rolls where the rice has been infused with beet juice.

Patricia Lara: “Our vegetarian roll has avocado, carrots, asparagus. Our other option is a roll that has salmon infused with beet juice, vegetables and eel inside.”

Casa Sensei is also serving up a pink fried rice that’s packed with veggies.

And to help you wash down all that yummy food…

Patricia Lara: “We have also decided to create a pink cotton candy margarita that has tequila, cream soda.”

The margarita comes in a sugar rimmed glass and is topped with cotton candy.

Gina Nuriu, diner: “The cotton candy drink was amazing, so cute. It’s a little melted right now, but it tasted delicious. Very refreshing, not too sweet. It was just perfect. I love that everything was pink. It was awesome, girly; it’s great for a girls’ night.”

Zoey Reva
133 Giralda Ave.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Casa Sensei
1200 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 101
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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