Pineapple jack-o’-laterns at Sweet Liberty

Nothing screams fall or Halloween like carving pumpkins. You’re so right, Shireen. Except we’re in South Florida, where it really doesn’t feel like fall until Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t mean the Halloween fun can’t happen. We’ve learned a new trick to the old trade of jack-o’-lanterns, thanks to one hot Miami Beach bar.

Oh ladies, those spooky pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns are so last year because Halloween 2017 is all about pineapple jack-o’-lanterns.

Brooke: “I feel like it’s such a Miami twist on Halloween.”

This is not a trick.

The tropical fruit is the latest trend in the popular Halloween activity, and we went to Sweet Liberty on Miami Beach to get some of the tricks to this new trade.

Fraser Hamilton: “Pineapple is just a fun way of using what’s laying around to do something Halloween-ey.”

It’s really not as hard as it looks either.

Take a knife and slice the badboy open. Then take a nifty gadget like this, called a decorer.

Fraser Hamilton: “It’s a device that literally goes down the center, takes out the core and then we can twist it and it can shave it down.”

And then it’s time to get creative and make all those fun or spooky faces.

Brooke: “I would never think to carve pineapples. I’d think they’d be so much harder to carve than pumpkins, but they’re so much easier.”

The plus to using a pineapple is that there are more things you can make than you can with a pumpkin.

The award-winning bar shows us how to make some sweet adult treats.

Fraser Hamilton: “We’re gonna make a Witch’s Brew, so we’re gonna have a nice smokey punch inside a pineapple.”

Sounds ghoulish!

Fraser Hamilton: “We use a couple of rums, we’re gonna use some fresh pineapple, we’re gonna use a coconut cream, and we’re gonna set it all on fire and have a nice smokey cocktail.”

If that doesn’t get you in the spirit, this might:

It’s the beverage of choice at this hot spot, and you can make ’em once you carve your pineapple jack-o’-lantern.

Fraser Hamilton: “One of our big drinks, we use pineapple flesh for pina coladas. I think Miamians scream for pina coladas.”

He sure is right.

So run, don’t walk to buy pineapple because Halloween is right around the corner.


Sweet Liberty
237 20th St. Suite B
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 763-8217

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