This weekend you are invited to pig out — on pig. Because the Pork Is Good Festival is back. Or they might say it’s baby back.

This is the place to pig out because at P.I.G. — Pork Is Good.

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, P.I.G.: “P.I.G. Pork Is Good that is P.I.G. 7. Seven years, for those who are counting.”

This pork extravaganza is the brainchild of Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog and features some of the best sow chefs in SoFlo.

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog: “We’ve just grown over the years. It’s up to 20 chefs this year.”

P.I.G. is in Wynwood this weekend, but since Deco is high on the hog, we headed to 27 at the Freehand Miami for a sneak peak.

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog: “One of the cool things about P.I.G. is we’ve got super laid back vibes. We’re Wynwood. It’s one price, all you can eat, all you can drink.”

This year, hundreds of piglet-loving people will get to enjoy pork made all sorts of ways.

The folks at DIRT restaurant are spreading it on thick.

Chef Nicole Votano, DIRT: “I’m actually making a cold dish. It’s a pork rillette, which is a cured pork that’s cooked in duck fat. It tastes like chorizo, but a spreadable version of it.”

And, the team from 27 is serving up a Haitian ramen dish. Think traditional Japanese meets Haitian meets SoFlo’s love of pork.

Chef Jimmy Lebron, 27: “It’s pork and chicken broth with homemade noodles. The pork, the picklies, scallions and the soft egg. You get the rich pork, the spicy picklies, you get the acid and you get the noodles. It’s overall a balanced dish.”

Chef Steve Santana from Taquiza has been with P.I.G. since the beginning, and he wasn’t going to miss lucky number seven.

Chef Steve Santana, Taquiza: “We are going to do a twist on pan con lechón, but since we are from Taquiza, we need a little to incorporate the Mexican flair to it.”

Festival foodie: “Oh my God, I loved the pork sandwich. The infusion of cucumber and pepper, a little bit of mustard, it really blends well together. The pork was tender. It melts in your mouth, it was wonderful.”

As Porky Pig said, “That’s all folks!”

P.I.G. 7 takes place on Saturday, Nov. 12 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.


P.I.G. 7 (Pork Is Good)

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