Phill Collins is a huge international star, and now his son is following in his footsteps.

Deco caught up with Nicholas Collins and his new band — and yes he plays the drums… very, very well!

Phil Collins has produced seven number one singles in his career, but there’s something he’s even more proud of — his son nick.

“I’ve been playing drums for as long as I can remember I’ve just… it was always a big part of my life but i never knew it was what i wanted to do until recently,” Nick Collins told Deco.

Nick’s new band is called “What You Know” and they want the world to *know* their sound.

“Our music is really a melting pot of all our input together, we go under funk rock,” Nick Aquilino, the band’s singer said.

“You’ve got the classic rock and the funk rock coming together and it just formed,” Collins said.

“As a drummer I take huge input from him because he’s one of the greatest drummers of all time.. He’ll always give us input, try this try that, but at the end of the day… he realizes it’s our band.. very enthusiastic,” he added.

“What You Know” is getting ready to hit the studio and do more live shows.

But it’s not about being famous…. the boys just wanna make music.

“My main goal…make people happy and express ourselves through our music,” Collins said.

Nick’s says he’s always open to playing his dad’s music…

“We used to play “Against All Odds“…  I’d be down to doing  to be doing Genesis songs or any Phil Collins songs.


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