Pharrell, David Grutman team up to give South Beach guests a good time at the Goodtime Hotel

South Beach is a mecca for hotels.

Vacation, staycation, SoBe is the place to be, and a new hotel is opening up there.

Get this, they’re so sure you’ll have a good time, they’ve staked their name on it.

South Beach has a new place to stay and be seen!

Nightlife guru David Grutman and music genius Pharrell are inviting you to check out their new baby, the Goodtime Hotel.

Pharrell: “We thought something was missing. We thought there was a good time, a place where people could come and feel that good vibration.”

David Grutman: “The Goodtime Hotel is a 267-room hotel that has an amazing restaurant called Strawberry Moon and a completely activated pool deck. For me, it’s a place that’s going to create a community as a hotel.”

These two work well together. Their restaurant Swan, in the Design District, is a hit.

David Grutman: “We thought the next evolution would be doing a hotel together.”

Pharrell: “It just felt like this is what we’re supposed to do.”

The duo made sure the hotel’s fun and funky look is inside and out.

Pharrell: “I’m never going to get over the deck. The deck is beautiful.”

David Grutman: “My favorite feature is that Ken Fulk designed a carpet in the hallways that has wet footprints inside.”

Ken Fulk, designer: “It reminded me of being a kid where you are walking from the bathtub or the pool and you can hear your mom in the background yell, ‘Get a towel!'”

Dave’s a busy guy. He’s got the Goodtime, and he’s getting ready for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival next month.

David Grutman: “We’re doing the Williams Family Kitchen at Swan Brunch. He and his father are amazing soul food chefs, so we want to do that again, like we did last year, and I’m going to be hosting the welcoming event with Martha Stewart.”

Until then, it’s all about having a good time, and here’s a fun fact about the hotel.

David Grutman: “Goodtime is one word.”

Pharrell: “Why have any space between the two words, right? Just make one. It’s literally a good time.”

The Goodtime Hotel will start taking reservations April 15.


The Goodtime Hotel
601 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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