When it comes to the way to our hearts, I recommend shiny, sparkly jewelry. Thankfully, there’s a jewelry designer in town who has his finger on the pulse of women’s accessories.

Cocktail rings. You can wear any number of them on any finger.

Sergio Andrés Mendoza, Pharaoun Cocktail Rings: “Cocktail rings are meant to be seen, and they are intended to symbolize a woman.”

They’re big, bold and are supposed to stand out.

Sergio Andrés Mendoza: “Another word for a cocktail ring is a statement ring.”

Celebs love making statements.

Sergio Andrés Mendoza: “Ariana Grande in her friendship anthem, ‘7 rings,’ that is all about cocktail rings and all about women.”

Pharaoun Cocktail Rings are designed right here in Miami.

Sergio Andrés Mendoza: “My goal with Pharaoun is to honor women through my rings.”

They dress up a female’s fingers.

Sergio Andrés Mendoza: “They are meant to be worn day or night to reflect your personality.”

Cocktail rings can be large designs or large colorful stones.

Sergio Andrés Mendoza: “The stones I use are glass that are designed to look as perfect as gemstones, and each one is hand-faceted like a gemstone would be.”

Pharaoun’s rings are mini works of art.

Check out the sea urchin collection.

Sergio Andrés Mendoza: “It’s a large bulbous shape. It’s a miniature scripture. In my second collection, I created another version of the sea urchin, where I turn the stones upside down and made a spiny version of the sea urchin.”

And some designs, like the Bash and the Lotus, look just as pretty from the front as they do from the back.

Sergio Andrés Mendoza: “If you flip it or rotate the ring around, you can see these small stones hidden on the back.”

Pharaoun’s rings are all 22-karat gold over silver and cost from just under $300 to nearly $600.

Sergio Andrés Mendoza: “I have many designs. I am already on my third collection.”


Pharaoun Cocktail Rings

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