Pets make the art at Frames USA’s Create a Pawtastic Original

You don’t have to be a collector to know a one-of-a-kind work of art is priceless — especially if the creator involved is your very own pet. This weekend, your pet can let their inner artist out while giving you a true masterpiece.

What do this bird, this rabbit and this dog have in common?

They’ll be among the pets whose artistic talents will be on display at Frames USA in Miami on Saturday.

Adam Brand, Frames USA owner: “We have a fantastic new charity event called Pawtastic, and that is where your pet becomes the artist.”

No matter what member of the animal kingdom shares your life, they’re welcome at Pawtastic.

Adam Brand: “Any pet you could bring in here, whether it’s a dog, a cat, a bird, a lizard, a snake, a guinea pig, a chinchilla, you name it.”

Don’t worry about the raw materials. All you need to bring is your little pal.

Adam Brand: “We have canvases and we have different color paint that is non-toxic.”

Various bits of paints are squeezed out onto some paper, and the creative process is underway — with some help from the humans on hand.

Adam Brand: “We will put their feet into the different color paints, put that on a canvas, and for $29, that is your painting there.”

After completing his or her work, your pet will be more than happy to pose with the finished product.

Be careful they don’t develop an attitude as the pressures of fame close in.

This little cutie plays a special role at Saturday’s event.

Adam Brand: “And so the money raised in this event will go to training one dog for one veteran. Our goal is to have anywhere between 100 and 150 people paying $29, and that little puppy is gonna be fully trained and go to a vet.”

Pawtastic is a win-win for everyone in the neighborhood, whether they have two or four legs.

Adam Brand: “This store has been around for 24 years. Without the public, we can’t make it here, so by giving back to the public, it’s just a great way for Frames USA to accomplish that.”

Create a Pawtastic Original
Frames USA
6822 SW 40th St.
Miami, FL 33155
(305) 666-3355

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