Whether it comes from Napa, Bordeaux or your corner gas station, a bottle of wine is a great gift. Thanks to technology, you can personalize your wine like never before.

Red, white or rose, nothing says “I love you” like a nice bottle of wine.

If you’re too shy to say it, your wine bottle can say it for you.

Wine bottle (in app): “The first time I ever saw you, I knew I can fall in love with you.”

QVivo Brands just uncorked an app that brings your wine label to life.

Tony Haber, QVivo Brands: “Basically, the app is augmented reality, but it has a unique feature. It allows to add your voice, your text in a digital greeting card.”

Hold your phone in front of the bottle and the label comes to life.

Wine bottle (in app): “This feeling I will hold forever.”

You’ll get romantic poems…

Wine bottle (in app): “Concede I was in your trance, passion, move or I dance.”

And Cuban crooners…

Tony Haber: “This guy’s name is Benny More. He’s actually one of the most famous singers in the history of Cuba.”

And while you never want to shake up a bottle of wine, there’s plenty of shaking going on here. Back that glass up!

Tony Haber: “I want to create a special moment between two people using technology, using poetry, using wine!”

You can also personalize your message.

Tony Haber: “You click here and you can record a message, ‘Hey, how are you?’ Anything you want to say up to 30 seconds.”

User: “Hello, baby, happy birthday. I love you so much.”

It’s a high-tech version of a message in a bottle.

Tony Haber: “Kevin Costner movie message in a bottle, go back in those days. Instead of piece of paper, you can use tech.”

I am totally loving this, and I know exactly who I’m sending a message to…

Alex Miranda: “Lynn, I’m sorry that I forgot to get you a present for your birthday back in September of 2020, but better late than never, right? Wait a minute? Am I early for 2021? Awesome! Love you!”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, present for me? Thank you so much! I’ve heard of this wine, like you’re supposed to scan the label or something, and it gets animated. That’s Alex!”

Lynn Martinez: “He’s so late, but that’s super cute.”

You can grab a bottle of the QVivo wines at any Total Wine.



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