Performers at Miami’s Olympia Theater introduce outdoor Street Stages

The pandemic put live music performances on hold, but it didn’t stop musicians from wanting to play anywhere they could. A local theater has found a way to bring entertainment to the people, and at the same time, get them plenty of fresh air.

COVID closed the doors to Miami’s Olympia Theater, but thanks to Street Stages, the show will go on.

Robert Geitner, Olympia Theater: “Street Stages brings performing arts and visual arts to the outdoors in a safe environment.”

Filling Flagler Street with artistic sights and sounds is what the folks at the Olympia wanted to do for the neighborhood.

Robert Geitner: “Not being able to do stuff inside was sort of making us feel a little sad, so we decided we would take everything we were doing on the community stages and put them outside.”

The performing arts program is a sure-fire way to get folks out of the house and groovin’ in the SoBe sunshine.

Robert Geitner: “Everybody in downtown can get a little bit of art, a little bit of entertainment and enjoy being outside and not being cooped up in their apartments.”

Local artists turn a street space into a mini-museum or an open-air concert hall.

Robert Geitner: “Visual artists can take over store fronts in vacant parcels on Flagler Street, and then, we layer in on Friday and Saturday evenings from 4 o’clock to 8 o’clock a variety of performances.”

Different musical styles rule at Street Stages.

On any given weekend, you’ll hear the soothing sounds of Crystal Sawyer, AKA Lady of Harp.

The good-time music of the Magellan Stompers will get your toes tapping.

Marc Magellan: “We love these kinds of gigs on the streets. We try to fulfill requests, if possible, and we also love it when little children like to come and dance in front of us, as well.”

So, get up, get out and hit the pavement. Street Stages is waiting to rock your world.

Passer-by: “So, it’s amazing to have a band out here on the street, and it’s a beautiful experience.”


Olympia Theater’s Street Stages

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