Pembroke Pines native Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn headline Netflix musical drama ‘A Week Away’

It’s time to sing and dance again, because one of our very own is starring in a new Netflix musical. Bailee Madison is from Pembroke Pines, but she’s made it all the way to Hollywood, and she’s now starring in the new Netflix movie “A Week Away.”

Ever had one week change everything?

Kevin Quinn (as Will Hawkins): (singing) “This is the best thing ever!”

In the new musical drama “A Week Away,” a troubled teen who has a run-in with the law takes a leap of faith when he signs up for a Christian summer camp, where he finds a friend, father figure and maybe even love.

Kevin Quinn (as Will Hawkins): “I don’t need you to fix me.”

Bailee Madison (as Avery): “I’m not trying to fix you, Will!”

Kevin Quinn stars alongside Pembroke Pines native Bailee Madison.

Bailee Madison: “My hometown! There we go!”

Alex Miranda: “Yes!”

So, we had to talk SoFlo first.

Bailee Madison: “I miss my favorite hoagie sandwich shop. I miss my mom, my dad, so many of my nieces and my nephews, and just the Florida sun.”

Bailee is a ray of light as Avery, who doesn’t know what to make of Will’s problematic past at first, but could be the key to him finding a new home.

Kevin Quinn: “The message I took away from that film was community. I mean, Will was nothing without the community of Camp Aweegaway.”

Will comes to camp with skeletons in his closet, but is Kevin willing to cough up any for Deco?

Kevin Quinn: “What type of skeletons are you asking for?”

Alex Miranda: “The deepest!”

Bailee Madison: “The light ones, Kevin!”

Kevin Quinn: “I was dealing with a bit of an existential crisis with regards to my faith, and I think ‘A Week Away’ was a good opportunity for me to explore my faith again. Hopefully it suffices as a skeleton good enough for Deco Drive.”

But what I think we all want to know…

Alex Miranda: (singing) “Mid-sentence, is it ever awkward when you start singing out of nowhere?”

Kevin: “It’s so awkward!”

Wouldn’t doubt it!

Bailee told me they pre-record the track, and then just sing to it on set.

Bailee Madison: “My biggest problem is, you have three clicks to count you in, like, ‘click, click, click,’ so it was me not jumping at the three clicks.”

Kevin says someone is following you around on a golf cart with a speaker.

Kevin: “And it’s just the most unnatural thing ever.”

But not for Bailee.

Bailee Madison: “I break out into song and dance randomly throughout the day, so in a weird way, I felt very at home.”

“A Week Away” is now streaming on Netflix.

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