Pegasus World Cup to take place at Gulfstream Park this weekend

The party is going down in Hallandale Beach at Gulfstream Park this Saturday, where the Pegasus World Cup is betting you’re going to have a good time! Thoroughbreds are going to be racing for up to $3 million. Oh, and horsing around is always encouraged!

This Saturday is the biggest day for racing in all of South Florida!

Millions of dollars are riding on jockeys who are riding on thoroughbreds, who are riding on the grounds of Gulfstream Park for the Fourth annual Pegasus World Cup.

Acacia Courtney, Gulfstream Park: “Everybody is here from around the country and around the world. We have horses coming in from England and all over the place.”

Even Nelly and T-Pain! They’re lighting up the fabulous LIV Stretch Village — LIV like the nightclub — with an epic view of the track! Man, this is right up my alley. I never knew!

Alex Miranda: “Acacia, I’m having so much fun. It’s so beautiful here, but I’m a newbie to horse racing. Where do you think I should start?”

Acacia Courtney: “OK, so this is my life everyday, so I think you need to get right down in the trenches and see what it’s really like, so I’ve got the perfect idea for you to head back towards the barns.”

By perfect idea, I wasn’t expecting this! Although, that came off as soon as I put it on, but it did fit like a glove. You know, since I am jockey height and all.

Alex Miranda: “I feel like I’m almost at the height for it at this point, right? I’m 5’7″. What do you think it takes?”

Jocelyne Kenny, jockey: “Actually, it takes dedication, commitment, physical strength. Obviously, there’s a height and weight requirement, more weight than height. I’ve seen jockeys that are 5’9″, 5’10” ride, and then, of course, down to four foot.”

And of course at the center of all of this is a love of horses, so much so, that it started to feel a bit like a throuple at a certain point.

Jocelyne Kenny: “*gives horse a kiss* Muah!”

Alex Miranda: “Do you think I could get away with this? Or do you think he is going to kill me?”

Jocelyne Kenny: “You can try. You can try, but just be careful.”

Alex Miranda: “All right, so you have to kiss right just on top of the nose?”

Jocelyne Kenny: “Yeah, on top of the nose. Just kinda tip your head sideways.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, OK I tilt it? OK. *gives horse a kiss* Oh, my God! That was amazing!”


Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino
901 Federal Highway
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

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