Reunited and it feels so good.

Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul are again sitting pretty on reality shows, and for the former “American Idol” judges, this is like a Fox homecoming.

The original “American Idol” judges are both experts on reality competitions airing here on 7.

Randy Jackson: “Listen, I love that Paula and I are back on Wednesday nights, which was the Idol night.”

Paula is sitting pretty as a judge on “The Masked Dancer,” and Randy is tickling the ivories as the bandleader on a reboot of the classic game show, “Name That Tune.”

Randy Jackson: “I can’t believe we’re both back on Fox at the same time on two different shows.”

Paula Abdul: “It’s fantastic. I mean, we’re both doing shows that are thoroughly fun and joyful and exciting, and it’s like, you know, the two of us are back doing what we love to do.”

What they’d also love is letting fans see them together again.

Randy Jackson: “You know what we should do? Let’s talk to Fox, Paula, and you and I should do a switch up where we guest on each other shows.”

If Paula goes on “Name That Tune,” maybe she should be a contestant. Randy says she’s a music monster!

Randy Jackson: “Paula Abdul knows more music than anyone I know. She would ace this game, I’m telling you. I remember on Idol, Simon and I would be sitting there with you on the judging panel going, like I know that song. What song is that? You blurted out the title without even thinking.”

Talk about a love fest.

Paula Abdul: “Randy, you would do great because you pay attention to all the little intricacies, and it’s important. Like you can’t just breeze by it, but with these, this broad guess as you start really honing in on the clues, and I think you’d be great.”

You can catch Randy and Paula right here after “Deco.”

“The Masked Dancer” is on at 8 p.m. and “Name That Tune” is on at 9 p.m.

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