Paul McCartney returns to Miami after 12 years

Movies are great, but there’s something to be said for live entertainment this weekend. A living legend is coming to So-Flo. Friday night, Paul McCartney kicks off the latest leg of his “One on One” American tour right here in Miami.

Chris Van Vliet’s got all the deets on the big show.

It’s been 12 years since Paul McCartney played the AmericanAirlines Arena, but now the former Beatle is back, and we’re in for a night to remember.

Paul McCartney: “OK, welcome to the opening night of our new show.”

Paul McCartney’s “One on One” tour starts up again Friday night in Miami. The music legend and his band are ready to show fans a great time.

Paul McCartney: “We’re just rehearsing here ’cause we’re coming to see you. We’re gonna have a good time. We’re gonna rock, we’re gonna roll, we’re gonna stomp and stroll and all of that.”

The 305 looms large in Paul’s legend. Back in 1964, when Beatlemania was running wild, the band played the Deauville Hotel on Miami Beach.

The three-hour-plus performance at the Triple A will be filled with songs from the Fab Four, but you’ll also get your fill of material from his post-Beatles career.

Paul keeps things fresh by adding new tunes to the set list from time to time, but that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Paul McCartney: “The only trouble is, which songs do we knock out of the current set to do them? That’s always the difficulty.”

Whatever songs make the cut, Paul and the band want you to know that as soon as the lights go down, it’s going to be a night you won’t forget.

Paul McCartney: “We hopefully can expect a good night out. A party, some good music, good audience, good band, some good songs and, if that happens, we’ve got a party.”

Paul McCartney: “And you love music and you love to rock. What more do we want? We’ll see you there.”

Here’s a little fun fact for you. It was 60 years ago today, July 6, 1957, that Paul McCartney was introduced to John Lennon by a mutual friend.

Later that day, John asked Paul to join his band, The Quarrymen. We all know what happened after that.


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