Partying is an art at HIVE

(WSVN) - Thanks to Art Basel, Miami is a mecca for all things art. And here a party is considered art too. Deco found a spot where the masterpieces aren’t hanging out on the wall… You get to hang out with the masterpieces.

SoFlo is all abuzz this weekend. Art Basel has art lovers swarming the 305.

In honor of all this culture, HIVE Lounge had its kickoff party Wednesday night.

Javi Zayas, HIVE: “Hive is an awesome free event here in the heart of Wynwood, right on Second Avenue. It’s really cocktails, art and music.”

Last year, HIVE was the biggest pop-up party in Wynwood, and this year, they want to be even better.

Javi Zayas: “Obviously, we are very family-friendly, daytime, and keep the volume low. And as the night progresses, we raise it up to get the atmosphere going.”

The art at HIVE is interactive. You can look at it, play on it and drink it.

Javi Zayas: “We have a skate-able art installation by artist Andrew Schultz that is a skate park that is all a piece of artwork with sculptures and different pieces.”

If size matters, Hendrick’s Bar wins. It takes three stories to get one drink.

Javi Zayas: “Hendrick’s did the world’s most utterly inefficient bar. It’s a three-story bar with eight bar tenders that prepare a cocktail from the third story down to the first story.”

Speaking of drinks, the art of mixology will be on display this weekend at HIVE.

Teddy Collins, HIVE: “What HIVE has done is take some of the best artists, aka mixologists, in Miami to compete for the heavyweight championship for top artist of hospitality and mixology.”

One of the mixologists teams competing is from Bitter Truth Miami.

Teddy Collins: “Since Jack Daniel’s has so many wonderful expressions, we are incorporating all four spirits — Jack Honey, Jack Fire, Gentlemen Jack and Jack Daniel’s — inside this beautiful, fall-flavored cocktail. Green apples, freshly pressed, cardamom and honey.”

From the music to the masterpieces that happen in front of you, HIVE is the place to head to through Sunday.

HIVE Wynwood
2250 N.W. 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 461-2700


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