Panarea Sea Grill teaches the art of making mozzarella

It’s one thing to prepare your own meal. It’s something else to make the food you’re eating from scratch. A new Miami restaurant is teaching diners the art of making mozzarella. Once the work is done, you enjoy the fruits of your cheesy labors.

Panarea Sea Grill in Miami puts its customers to work. Once a month, you can take a mozzarella-making class. Like most great ideas, this one had a simple beginning.

Claudio Sandri: “And we said, ‘Why, instead of buying the mozzarella, we can make it?'”

The cheese of choice was a no-brainer.

Claudio Sandri: “That most simple — you can say that — and more fun was to teach them how to do the mozzarella.”

A cold glass of prosecco puts students in the mood for class.

Then you gather in the back room. Rubber gloves are put on, cheese kurds are dropped and separated, hot water is poured. It’s time to make the mozzarella

Claudio Sandri: “Just very, very gently, push it together, turn it.”

After stretching, pulling and rolling, your cheese ball is done.

It cools off in ice water while you’re back in the dining room for more wine, and soon, the freshest mozzarella you’ve ever tasted.

Whatever’s left over is used to make “pinsa.” That’s what they called pizza back in ancient Rome.

Different varieties of “pinsa” are turned out, all using the mozzarella you made.

You eat, you drink, you talk — you even get a certificate proudly proclaiming that you are a mozzarella master.

Erika, student: “First of all, I made mozzarella. Like, I’ve never done that before in my life, but just even being able to meet all these people and do it together, it was really cool.”

Chris Williams, student: “Oh, man, it was a really good atmosphere. The food was phenomenal, the people were phenomenal. It’s just a really great experience here. It’s just really good spot, really nice spot.”


Panarea Mediterranean Sea Grill
11052 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33161
(305) 640-5580

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