Palms Hotel package combines sun, spa and spice

Chris loves to eat, and not just ice cream. And who doesn’t like getting a massage? So for Chris, Miami Spice and Miami Spa months are some of the best times of the year. A spot on Miami Beach has combined Spa and Spice month, while throwing in some fun in the sun.

Indulge, relax and soak up the sun on South Beach. At the Palms Hotel, Miami Spice and Spa Month are one.

Tanja Morariu, The Palms Hotel: “We take advantage of both of them and just make people enjoy the day.”

The hotel has combined the two to create the “Spa, Sun and Spice Package.” Basically, it’s an opportunity to get pampered and have a taste of paradise.

Tanja Morariu: “What you get to do there, actually, is enjoy our spa, all the Miami Spa Month spa offers, and you have either lunch or brunch at our restaurant, Essencia. And then you get to enjoy the pool and beach area.”

There are two ways to enjoy the experience. Both include feasting on things like oyster ceviche and quinoa-poppyseed pancakes from their Miami Spice lunch and brunch menus.

Tanja Morarui: “We have lots of the favorites that we usually have on our menu and we’ve put them on the Spice menu.”

But when it comes to the spa, you pick how far you want to go.

A $109 spa treatment gets you a free glass of champagne while you soak up the sun at the hotel pool or beach. But if you splurge a little more, you’ll get more.

Go for a spa treatment like the Body Bliss, which costs $139.

Tanja Morarui: “It includes a 100-minute stress fix hand and body experience, and then also our 30-minute body scrub in the hydro capsule.”

And with that spa treatment, you then get to enjoy your own mini-getaway — with a mini cabana on the beach.

Carola Perla, customer: “The beach is obviously incredible, especially the section of the beach with the dunes. It’s just really gorgeous.”

Ahh! Sounds like the perfect little escape.

Tanja Morarui: “A lot of people just come and use the spa and they just come and go again, and we want them to stay here and enjoy and take it as a little staycation.”

There are other packages to pick from. So we made it easy — just click here to see all the options.


The Palms Hotel & Spa
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