Charcuterie: difficult to say, even tougher to spell, but oh, so delicious. The meat and cheese boards are super popular, so you can get them almost anywhere these days, but a couple of places Deco found are getting creative with their cute charcuteries.

Pa’ Picar Miami’s charcuterie boards are straight fire.

Giselle Gallardo, owner, Pa’ Picar Miami: “Sometimes you’ll see on appetizer menus, it says ‘pa’ picar,’ which is ‘to share.’ Basically, that’s what the charcuterie board is. It’s not a meal. It’s something that you pick on, and you eat with family and friends.”

Charcuterie boards are usually packed with meats and cheeses, but Giselle Gallardo and Nick Machado are going overboard with Pa’ Picar.

Pig out on La Caja, a twist on a Nochebuena tradition of roasting a pig.

Giselle Gallardo: “It has a hot bacon pepper jam, kind of to give that twist of the pig in the box.”

But Brittney here ordered The Getty for her and her friends. It has meat, cheese, fruit and honey.

Giselle Gallardo: “Everybody goes crazy over the honeycomb ’cause it’s cute, and you get to drizzle.”

Brittney Garcia, customer: “I’ve never seen such a beautiful board like that. It’s amazing for a get-together.”

Save room for dessert with the Maria’s Cajita.

Giselle Gallardo: “It’s very interactive. It includes the sterno, the matches, the roasting stick — everything you need to create a s’mores.”

The best part may be the convenience. Pa’ Picar delivers, and it’s all ready to go.

Giselle Gallardo: “There’s no need for you to look for a knife or anything. Everything’s pre-cut and ready to be assembled.”

Nothing wrong with a cup of hot cocoa with your charcuterie board. XO Espresso Bar on SoBe has us feeling all warm and fuzzy.

David McLennan, owner, XO Espresso Bar: “It’s getting a little chilly this time of year, and so we thought we’d kind of mix up a traditional meat and cheese charcuterie board, and we decided, ‘Why not do it with chocolate?'”

We like your thinking. The chocolate board’s packed with chocolate brownies, white chocolate balls, caramel candies, marshmallows and wafer sticks. Delicious!

David McLennan: “We’ve really chosen a wide variety of toppings, so that it really suits anyone.”

That all comes with their hot chocolate. They’ll pack it up to go, or you can just enjoy it there.

Sharon Samuels, customer: “It’s delicious! You can do sweet and savory, and you can make it the way you want. It looks beautiful.”


Pa’ Picar Miami

XO Espresso Bar
Inside The Lincoln Eatery
723 Lincoln Lane N
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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