How good of a friend are you — really? Like, when times get tough, would you tell me I have food in my teeth? Or what if my zipper was down? Dakota Johnson does have a real one in her latest drama-comedy “Our Friend” … but is she a good friend?

What would you do for a friend?

Jason Segel (as Dane Faucheaux): “I got here and saw that one person can’t do this job.”

Dakota Johnson (as Nicole Teague): “I’m still a valid person.”

How about everything? In “Our Friend,” Jason Segel’s Dane shows up in a big way for his married best friends, Matt and Nicole, played by Dakota Johnson and Casey Affleck, after she gets a devastating diagnosis.

Violet McGraw (as Evie Teague): “Sure, I’ll call you Grandma Dane.”

Jason Segel (as Dane Faucheaux): “Thank you.”

Even though it comes at the cost of his life as he knows it.

Marielle Scott (as Kat): “You’ve been gone for three months now. I thought you’d be gone for a couple weeks.”

The drama-comedy — yes, there are a lot of laughs — is based on a true story.

Alex Miranda: “I teared up in this movie. That does not happen all the time.”

Dakota Johnson: “I definitely think more about how I can better show up for other people.”

The story is taken from the pages of an Esquire article the widower published in 2015.

Alex Miranda: “What does it mean for you to be able to portray the fight against cancer?”

Dakota Johnson: “Matt Teague, Nicole’s husband, and her daughters were there and would visit us. It just was a pretty fresh wound, I think, and we were filming in the town where they lived, and everybody knew her. It’s a really small town, so it was pretty heavy.”

It’ll stick with you.

Alex Miranda: “After diving into this character and telling this story, are there any aspects of your life that maybe you’ve reassessed?”

Dakota Johnson: “There’s a level of bravery that comes with this kind of compassion and selflessness that I think is really beautiful.”

But is Dakota a Dane in real life?

Dakota: “Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve always been a caretaker-y kind of person. I want to make sure everybody’s OK, but there are people that I would lay down and die for.”

Although, with her signature humor, she joked it shouldn’t always be that way.

Dakota Johnson: “You put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others, but not me.” (laughs)

“Our Friend” is scheduled to open in theaters on Friday.

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