Three Oscar winners walk into a room — except it’s not really the setup for a joke because one of them might be a serial killer. Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto star in “The Little Things,” although there is nothing little about any of them.

Rami Malek (as Jim Baxter): “You’re not exactly a department favorite.”

Oscar winners Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto are facing off in the psychological thriller “The Little Things.”

Rami Malek: “The Denzel of it all is a no-brainer, and in comes Jared, and I know there is going to be some explosive energy in there with all of us.”

Denzel and Rami play detectives chasing down a serial killer terrorizing Los Angeles, and Jared’s creepy character, Albert Sparma, is the prime suspect.

Jared Leto (as Albert Sparma): “You must really like my car.”

Jared knows how to dive deep for a role, but he says it takes some extra time to shake off the darker ones.

Jared Leto: “Usually, at the end of a film, I’ve put in the necessary amount of time and energy, and I’m ready to leave it be, but if you’re visiting some darker territory, if you’re on a set that’s maybe emotionally a bit darker, it can grab a hold of you and be difficult.”

Rami agrees, but says, hey, just getting prepared can be difficult. I mean, this is no rom-com.

Rami Malek: “Every night you’re going into that script and that story and looking at crime scene footage or pictures, that stuff is definitely going to affect your subconscious, so I think, with the amount of preparation that we put into this, there’s a layer that’s very subversive and getting into your subconscious, to the point where you might even have dreams about it.”

Surprisingly, Denzel did exactly what we would do to prepare for a role like this: he watched a crime show.

Denzel Washington: “‘First 48’ was big. That was — I just watched, I watched them all. Behavior, getting used to looking at death and how they dealt with it, but I must have watched every episode of ‘The First 48.'”

Denzel Washington (as Joe “Deke” Deacon): “It’s the little things, Jimmy.”

“The Little Things” is now playing in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.

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