How many Oscar winners does it take to solve a crime? That wasn’t a joke, we’re actually waiting to find out in the latest Denzel Washington mystery thriller! Our undercover investigator Alex Miranda has all the answers.

Girls, it’s the little things about the two of you.

But in “The Little Things,” it’s the small things that could uncover something big.

It’s the little things that make for a good psychological crime thriller.

Denzel Washington (as Joe “Deke” Deacon): “Guy’s a shark. If he stops he dies. He likes to drive. Probably has a decent car. Maybe two.”

Like, uh, I don’t know, maybe three Academy Award winners in the leading roles!

Denzel Washington: “Speaking for myself, I knew I had to bring my A-game. I knew everybody else was going to bring theirs.”

In “The Little Things,” Denzel Washington and Rami Malek join forces to search for a serial killer terrorizing Los Angeles. But, as their investigation narrows in on Jared Leto’s playful and, shall we say, deliciously creepy character…

Jared Leto (as Albert Sparma): “How’s the trunk space?”

…signs start to point in another direction…back at Denzel’s!

Alex Miranda: “For the fans, seeing all three of you in the same scene at the same time is so exhilarating.”

Denzel Washington: “That’s inspiring. And that’s what you want!”

And that’s what you get, considering the all-star, all-Oscar-holding cast. But for Denzel…

Denzel Washington: “Whether someone gave you a statue or not, for me personally, is not the barometer.”

And Jared is no stranger to spine-chilling performances.

Jared Leto (as Joker in “Suicide Squad’): All of that chit-chat is gonna get ya hurt.”

But his approach for this role not much of an approach at all!

Jared Leto: “I don’t, at least, ever really have an idea of exactly where I want to go. You have some general signposts or something. But I think the idea is you’re always discovering new opportunities.”

It worked, as always! And he agrees, we need to see more!!!

Jared Leto: “I quite fell in love with Albert Sparma. Maybe we can do a prequel or something. Maybe get some outtakes going, because I think we had a few fun moments.”

“The Little Things” hits select theaters and HBO Max, at the same time, next Friday.

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