Oscar nominees share excitement via social media

Most people need a cup of coffee to have any energy at 5:30 in the morning … but not Oscar nominees! They were overwhelmed and shared their excitement on social media.

Andy Serkis: “Good morning! It’s an honor for us to be here for the announcement of the 90th Oscars.”

Shortly after Andy Serkis and Tiffany Haddish announced this year’s Oscar nominees folks hit social media to congratulate each other.

Margot Robbie laced up to play Tonya Harding in “I, Tonya.”

She was in her home country of Australia and celebrated her best actress nomination with family and friends.

And Margot’s brother, Cameron, Instragramed this pic to congratulate his big sis on her nomination.

Daniel Kaluuya (as Chris Washington): “Rose, we got to go. Rose — the keys.”

The horror film “Get Out” got four nominations.

Director, Jordan Peele, took to Twitter this morning to thank everyone who bought tickets to the best picture, director, screenplay and actor nominated film.

Speaking of best actor….

Jordan also congratulated best actor nominee, Daniel Kaluuya with this tear-filled tweet.

Chris Pratt (as Peter Quill): “Groot! Put your seatbelt on.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” was nominated for best visual effects, and director James Gunn, celebrated with a video of his pal Groot.

And Hugh Jackman posted this pic to congratulate his “Logan” director, James Mangold on the film’s best adapted screenplay nomination.

Kumail Nanjiani stars in and wrote “The Big Sick” with this wife, Emily V. Gordon.

Zoe Kazan (as Emily): “Can you imagine a world in which we end up together?”

Kumail Nanjiani (as Kumail): “I don’t know.”

Kumail tweeted a shout out to his other half because their movie was nominated best original screen play.

And it’s a slam dunk for Kobe Bryant.

The NBA star posted this video on Twitter and thanked the Academy because the animated short “Dear Basketball” was nominated.

“Dear Basketball” is narrated by the NBA champ and is based on the poem he wrote to announce his retirement.

We won’t know who wins the Oscar race until March but….

Andy Serkis: “Congratulations to all the nominees!”

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