Ornos reels in Greek fish, knowledge to Aventura

Here is a service that’ll help you pick the perfect fish. From mild to wild, they’ll help you reel in the catch of the day.

Celebrity chef Michael Mina is bringing a taste of the Greek islands to Aventura with Ornos.
The open-air eatery serves up fresh fish on a wood-burning grill.

Michael Mina: “At Ornos, obviously seafood is the start and the heart and soul of the menu.”

But if you don’t know your mahi from your mackerel, this man is here to help.

Michael Mina: “On your left side we have seapoora, which is our sebring and what we call dorata.”

Ornos offers Miami’s very first fish sommelier. That’s right, instead of picking the perfect wine, he’ll help you select your snapper or pair your prawns.

Michael Mina: “The fish sommelier is something we came up with almost half-jokingly at the beginning. If we’re flying in all this fish and the local fish, let’s talk about how it’s caught. Let’s get somebody in here that really knows about the fish.

And Antony Mathieu knows fish.

Antony Mathieu: “I love fish in general, love to eat a fish. I love to prep a fish, cooking at home as well.”

After presenting the catch of the day, the fish sommelier acts as your personal fish finder.

Customer 1: “I prefer something on the lighter side. What do you recommend?”

Antony Mathieu: “If you want something very light on the flavor, I would recommend you have our sepura or our sebring.”

Michael Mina: “Certain people like fish that’s a little firmer, that are flakier. Certain people like a fish that have more richness that have a little bit more fat to them.”

And there’s an ocean of choices. The menu includes fish flown in from the Mediterranean, as well as local favorites.

Antony Mathieu: “If you want to have a fish for two people, I would definitely recommend our fagri, our snapper.”

When it comes to freshness, seeing is believing.

Customer 2: “A fish som is something I’ve never seen in person in a restaurant.”

Customer 1: “It was a good experience, very informative. He was very attentive.”

So, if you’re in need of some underwater education, one visit to this place and you could be hooked.

Michael Mina: “The fish sommelier is one of the real highlights of Ornos because it’s something you’re not going to find in any other restaurant.”


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