Original Nintendo Game Boy could be making a comeback

(WSVN) - Remember Nintendo’s original Game Boy? It could be making a return!

The video game company recently filed a trademark application showing an image that resembles the iconic handheld device.

International Business Times says the trademark filing could mean Nintendo is trying to protect its brand from other companies, but that it’s also sparked speculation they could resurrect the once-popular device as “The Game Boy Classic Edition.”

The timing also coincides with Game Boy’s upcoming 30th anniversary, since it was released back in 1989.

The move would follow Nintendo’s popular “Classic Edition” consoles of their NES and Super NES systems. Nintendo is also expected to release a Classic Edition of their N64 console next year.

The original Game Boy first debuted in 1989 and featured many popular games, including Pokemon, Zelda, Tetris and Super Mario.