‘Only the Brave’ tells tale of Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighters

Hitting theaters this weekend is “Only the Brave.” Chris flew to Los Angeles where he got up close and very personal with the stars of the movie, especially Josh Brolin.

Josh Brolin (as Eric Marsh): “In the blink of an eye — just fire everywhere.”

Josh Brolin stars in “Only the Brave,” and let’s just say not every interview starts like this.

Josh Brolin: “It’s always nice to embrace your fellow man.”

Chris Van Vliet: “It is. Let’s embrace.”

Josh Brolin: “If you want to come over here, I want it to be as uncomfortable for you as possible.”

Chris Van Vliet: “This is very uncomfortable. You smell amazing by the way.”

Josh Brolin: “Thank you. I just put some deodorant on.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Well, that must be it.”

Josh heads up an all-star cast that includes Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, Taylor Kitch and Jennifer Connelly.

The movie tells the powerful real life story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, one of the most elite firefighting teams in the country.

Josh Brolin (as Eric Marsh): “Sooner or later the fire’s gonna come knocking at our hometown.”

For Josh, doing the movie was a no-brainer. He worked as a volunteer firefighter in his 20s.

Josh Brolin: “I just like firefighters. They’re just good people. They’re loyal. They’re everything I look up to.”

Jennifer Connelly (as Amanda Marsh): “It’s not easy sharing your man with a fire

Jennifer Connelly plays Josh’s wife in the movie, and she tells Deco the key to getting it right was understanding balance.

Jennifer Connoly: “It is a tremendous sacrifice, I think, on the part of the families. To support the people that they love, they have to let them go do these really dangerous things that take them away from the home and potentially take them away forever.”

Jeff Bridges: “They had this extraordinary bravery that they practiced, and it should be an inspiration — I know it was for me. Where might I be braver in my life and face the things that I’m afraid of?”

If the flames look real, that’s because they were.

Chris Van Vliet: “You were actually, like, going into the fire in this movie. That was real fire on set.”

Miles Teller: “A lot of it was, yeah. I mean if they had b-roll footage going on you could see some guys were just … Like, you could tell what actors were very close to the fire, and when their back was turned to the camera they were just like, ‘Oh my God,’ and when they turn around they act all cool and just another day on the line.”

“Only the Brave” blazes into theaters on Friday.

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