Online Extra/Making Homemade Chicken Broth

(WSVN) - Chef Scott Linquist of Olla on Miami Beach says it’s best to make chicken broth instead of buying it in the store — because it’s tastier and healthier.

Chef Scott Linquist: “Most of the broths that you find on the shelves in your supermarket, even if it says low sodium, in order to keep it stable on the shelf without refrigeration it has to have preservatives of some sort.”

Making your own ensures that you control the sodium… And the flavor.
All you have to do is
Put a whole chicken in a pot and add
– Chopped onions
– Bay leaves
– Fresh thyme
– Salt
– Garlic cloves

Chef Scott Linquist: “I peel them and then I smash them to release the oil so we have more flavor in the liquid.”

Add whole peppercorns and cover the chicken with water. Bring it to a boil then reduce to a simmer for 2-3 hours. And voila! You have a beautiful poached chicken… And delicious homemade broth!

Chef Scott Linquiest: “If you have extra, you can put it in your freezer and every time you need some chicken broth, you pull it out of your freezer and it still has that freshness.”

You can use the broth for soups or add a touch of flavor to just about anything you cook!
It’s healthy… Oh so yummy!!!

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