Online Extra/Make Roasted Red Peppers

(WSVN) - Roasted red peppers are delicious, and Chef Christopher Rendell of the River Yacht Club in Miami says they’re easy to make!

Start by putting red peppers in the oven at 400 degrees.

Chef Christopher Rendell: “Ten to 15 minutes, let the skin get nice and golden brown and sort of caramelized.”

When they’re done, pull them out and cover them with saran wrap.

Chef Christopher Rendell: “I think the main secret here is a nice tight seal with the saran wrap. Let them steam out and once they’re cool, open up the saran wrap, put them on a chopping board and you’ll find the skin will just come straight off.”

Slice the peppers, take out the seeds and scrape off the skin… and there you have it — easy and delicious!

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