One-man show created by father of Parkland victim opens in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida father who lost his son in the Parkland school shooting is putting on a touching tribute in his honor.

Manuel Oliver’s one-man show “Guac: My Son, My Hero” opened on Friday night at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach.

Oliver refers to the show as a social justice theater piece.

“This is a new way of activism, and I am glad we are kind of starting this,” said Oliver.

Oliver and his wife Patricia lost their son Joaquin in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting.

Since the tragic event, Shine MSD was formed as a way to help heal and support victims and families affected.

Oliver is using artistic expression not only to heal but to spark action to end gun violence. He hopes the show will bring change to the community.

“It’s a sold out show, which is amazing, and this is a way for us to share Joaquin’s life,” said Oliver. “That’s maybe the best feeling I have right now.”

Many other Parkland parents have also used their loss as a catalyst for activism.

“They could be me, they could be Patricia or be Joaquin, and that will make them think they could be part of a solution before that happens. That’s the goal,” said Oliver.

He said it is hard to put himself on a stage, but it’s nothing compared to what his son and thousands of others have endured.

“Who cares if it’s difficult for me? This was difficult for Joaquin. This is difficult for 40,000 people that die because of gun violence. They suffer. There’s pain involved in that and nobody mentions that,” said Oliver.

The show will move on New York City next week and will tour the U.S. through 2020.

To find out more information about the show, click here.

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