Even here on earth, Alex, I think you’re out of this world. No,Lynn, you’re out of this world.

But I’m out of this galaxy. And so are you. And we’re in good company because “Stars on Mars” has just found its brightest.

Deco’s blasting off and going interstellar with season one winner Adam Rippon.

Ground control, do you copy? We’ve got an incoming transmission.

That can only mean one thing.

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon is the brightest star in the galaxy after smashing the competition in the season finale of Fox’s “Stars on Mars.”

Adam Rippon: “I’m speechless. I am beside myself. It feels great. Being the brightest star in the universe is a really good thing.”

It’s no wonder Adam’s feeling so good, I mean, he pretty much manifested his own victory.

Remember this iconic moment back in episode one, when he was up for elimination?

Adam Rippon. “I think I’m critical because I’m one of the hottest people here. And I think that’s important for any kind of challenge that we do here.”

Adam Rippon.”It ended up being actually very factual. When you’re so hot, cause I know when people are watching this they’re going, ‘wow he’s so hot.’ When you’re so hot, you can’t get eliminated.”

After all, it’s just basic math

Adam Rippon: “bright does equal hot, and that is a famous math problem that you learn in school.”

Still, there were times he didn’t think he’d make it until the end.

Adam Rippon.”I told my husband, ‘I’m gonna make it til the end. I’m gonna be there the whole month.’ And I had been there two days and I remember thinking, ‘Oh God, this is gonna be a really short month. Physically it was so much harder that I thought it was going to be.”

Adam may be able to survive the red planet on TV. But when it comes to actual outer space travel…

Adam Rippon.: “I can guarantee you that if the opportunity came to really go into orbit, I wouldn’t go.”

But hypothetically…

Adam Rippon.: “Let’s say you went, and I had to put a playlist together for you, I’d put some Charlie XCX on there. I’d put some Olivia Rodrigo. She’s never done me wrong. Put some old Britney spears. The blackout album. The whole album. I think that you’d be set to go.”

Adam Rippon: “I’m Adam Rippon, and I’m the brightest star in the galaxy.”

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