(WSVN) - Olivia Rodrigo is definitely the it girl of the moment — but that doesn’t mean she had a date to prom.

Don’t worry, the chart-topping singer didn’t cry about it. Instead, she hosted “Sour Prom.”

Rodrigo and that sweet voice created her own prom Tuesday night.

The 18-year-old was celebrating the release of her album “Sour” with a live-stream concert on YouTube.

Rodrigo couldn’t go to her school prom thanks to her red-hot debut album. That’s why she created her own.

She personally invited some of her fans to the big event and Deco’s got the cute pics to prove it… because everyone needs a good prom picture.

Those chosen fans witnessed Rodrigo’s prom up close and personal.

Olivia Rodrigo: “Inviting fans was super cool. I worked with my team to sort of choose people who lived in the LA area who were like big supporters and that was super cool to get to meet them.”

The after-party was more face time with Rodrigo, including a Q and A session.

Fans asked Rodrigo about making her chart-topping album, which the singer says, she loved creating.

Olivia Rodrigo: “Recording it was amazing. I worked on it for like off and on for a year, wrote the songs mostly when I was 17. It’s just like my little baby.”

While Rodrigo may not be prom queen, she’s definitely most popular. So far, almost five million people have viewed “Sour Prom.”

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