The pandemic kept a lot of people apart. One rock band used it to bring them together.

OK Go asked their fans to create their own versions of a music video the group made in quarantine. Let’s just say they got more than they bargained for.

The band OK Go is known for their over-the-top music videos.

What makes their new video over the top is how many fans jumped at the chance to help them make it during quarantine.

They hoped the song would make people feel connected … and then this happened.

Damian Kulash: “It was a choir director in Long Island who said, ‘We want to do the same thing, make a sort-of distance collaboration between our students, so will you send us the sheet music for it?'”

The band was totally jazzed by the idea. Then they got to thinking.

Damian Kulash: “Well, there’s no reason why you’d need to limit this to one school. Why don’t we just invite everybody?”

And that’s exactly what they did. OK Go sent out requests for individual contributions for “All Together Now.”

They figured they’d get enough stuff to make one fan video. Boy, were they wrong.

Damian Kulash: “We got 15,000 submissions instead, so suddenly we had to make not just one video but six and five different versions of the song.”

“All Together Now” is more than the title of the song. It became the rule for making every video.

Damian Kulash: “Everybody who submitted music is in one of the five versions of the song. Some people are in more than one of them.”

A few of the videos are filled with hand-drawn animation.

There’s one that features only videos sent in by fans.

Whatever your talent was, if you sent it in, you made the cut.

Damian Kulash: “We had people who just danced to it and sent in a video of them dancing.”

In the end, OK Go accomplished the goal they set for “All Together Now.”

People used the song to connect with one another during a very scary time.

Damian Kulash: “It makes me go have a lot more faith in my fellow man, that that’s what people want to do.”


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