Oh My Gel puts a modern twist on nails from the past

There are some trends that leave us really confused, but there are others that just totally nail it. We’re checking out some nail art that’s putting a modern twist on a blast from the past.

Get out! When your nails look this fly, everyone will be wanting to talk to the hand.

Teresita Hernandez, nail technician: “Today, we did the jelly nails trend, which has been really popular for a little bit. I’ve been seeing a lot on Instagram.”

If you’re a ’90s baby, you’re gonna remember bags like this — and this — and who could forget these stylish shoes that made us all feel like we were all that and a bag of chips?

Now, you can rock it in a way that’s a cut above the rest.

Teresita Hernandez: “Jelly is all about translucence and being able to see directly through, so you want to really get things under the polish. You wanna make it look like it’s inside of it, as opposed to something that you stick on top of the manicure.”

At Oh My Gel in Miami, Teresita Hernandez always has the 411 on the hottest nail trends.

This looks is perfect for anyone feeling nostalgic.

Maritza Collado, customer: “I think they’re so fun. They remind me of my childhood, and the shoes that I could never get, and now, I can actually wear them on my hands.”

Because we’re taking it old school, things get rolling in a pretty classic way.

Teresita Hernandez: “I start off with the base coat, like any gel manicure. Once the base coat is cured, I put another base coat but only to be able to attached the little bits that I wanna put in there.”

Now comes the fun part.

The jelly look makes things look like they’re floating on the nail, so you can add stuff like glitter, studs and even shiny arts-and-crafts paper to get that 3D, holographic look.

Teresita Hernandez: “Depending on the products or the studs or materials you’re putting inside the nails, like with mylar, it’s really awesome because when you’re reflecting it in the light, it’s changing colors. It’s giving you definitely that fish bowl effect.”

These nails definitely make a clear statement, but you can always add a little color to make them stand out even more.

Teresita Hernandez: “With the color, all I do is get a regular color polish that I wanna use and I mix it in with the clear. You can really transform any gel polish you have into a clear jelly look.”

These ’90s nails definitely won’t have anyone buggin’, and it’s not hard to see why.

Maritza Collado: “Every layer that she put on, she would add something else. First, it was the little hologram pieces, then she started with the colors, and then she did the glitters. I’m really excited to actually go show these off.”


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