Deco Drive isn’t the only important drive in SoFlo. We can’t forget about our pals at Ocean Drive. Deco caught up with this month’s Ocean Drive cover girl, Malin Akerman, and of course, we got to party with her and get a glimpse behind the scenes of her Ocean Drive photo shoot.

Miami was all about Malin this past friday. Malin Akerman was at Wall at the W in South Beach for a party to celebrate being on the cover of Ocean Drive magazine’s March Spring Fashion issue.

Malin Akerman: "I am so excited to be on the cover of Ocean Drive. I spent some time here doing ‘Rock of Ages,’ and Miami became a little bit of a second home for me."

From sexy to sultry, Malin’s looks for the shoot were as beautiful as she is.

Malin Akerman: "It’s such a great cover and such a great team. I am really honored to be here."

The Ocean Drive cover isn’t the only place you can catch the actress. She plays Lara Axelrod on Showtime’s "Billions."

Malin Akerman: "Lara is cutthroat. You do not want to mess with that woman, and that’s what I love about her. I get to live vicariously through her."

The Ocean Drive party was a double celebration, first for her great cover and second because "Billions" got picked up for another season.

Malin Akerman: "I’ll be working this summer. Second season of ‘Billions,’ we start June in New York, so I will be hanging out in New York City."

She’s been in comedies, been in dramas and partied it up on South Beach for Ocean Drive, but this cover girl still has one thing on her wish list.

Malin Akerman: "I feel like the one thing that I would love to do, that I still would love to do, is a period piece. Something from the 1800s. Something where you get to be dressed up in costume in a different era and different language."

So, there’s something for us to look forward to!

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