O Cinema plays matchmaker with “Dinner & a Movie” series

There’s no easier date night than dinner and a movie, and at one So-Flo theater this summer, you can have your cake, and you can eat it too. Deco’s date night expert Chris Van Vliet is here with all the details.

There may be an easier date night — Netflix and chill, but if she makes you take her out, this is sure to impress her.

This isn’t dinner then a movie; this is dinner with a movie, and it’s not your standard movie theater food.

Kareem Tabsch: “No comparison, it’s outstanding.”

O Cinema in Wynwood is playing matchmaker this summer with its “Dinner & a Movie” series.

Kareem Tabsch: “People think if you pair your dinner with your wine or your dinner with your beer, and this is a perfect pairing of film and food.”

The movie we checked out was “I am the Blues,” a documentary on the history of the blues in the heart of the South.

The food to go with it — barbecue from So-Flo staple Michael’s Genuine.

Kareem Tabsch: “This is not your co-worker’s neighborhood barbecue that you got invited to. This is gourmet food.”

Barbecue chicken and pulled pork, deviled eggs and smoked fish dip, banana cream pie and more.

Even the snacks are staying true to the theme.

Keith Clarke: “Who knew that barbecue popcorn could taste so good? So yeah, very impressive.”

And when the pit smoker is done for the night and your stomach is full, it’s time for the main attraction.

Kareem Tabsch: “We love the kind of part of America that it covers, the Mississippi Delta, and these wonderful musicians who are in their 80s and 90s and are still performing.”

Elexa Perlman: “I love music, and I think just, like, learning about different music and, like, where it comes from and kind of the story behind it is so interesting.”

“Dinner & a Movie” is a winning combination for $55.

Laurie Hill: “I love that they’re doing this. A local restaurant and O, I love the idea of it.”

Kareem Tabsch: “It’s one of our most favorite events to produce, and it’s one of our audience-favorite events when we host it.”

The next “Dinner & a Movie” is July 27, pairing “Landline,” a comedy set in Manhattan, with wood oven pizza and chicken wings.


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