O Cinema hosts female-driven film showings

Sometimes, girls just wanna have fun. It’s a simple fact of life, and Cyndi Lauper said it, so it has to be true. Lucky for us, there’s a new monthly meet-up that makes for the perfect night out.

Drinks, karaoke, a 90s female-driven comedy on the big screen. Ladies, welcome to the ultimate slumber party.

KC Korge, O Cinema: “It’s a really fun, packed evening where people can come let loose and not worry about their everyday situations. It’s just a fun time with a bunch of their girlfriends.”

This girls’ night out is called “Girl Gang Flicks: A Sip N’ Series.” Deco hung out at the very first one at O Cinema in Wynwood.

KC Korge: “It’s a ‘Sip ‘N Series’ because with every ticket, we give out a specially-themed cocktail that’s paired with the film.”

The drink for our night out was the sweet and punchy Monet, and the movie it was matched with — “Clueless.” Love it!

KC Korge: “It’s just funny. It’s so quotable.”

Alicia Silverstone (as Cher Horowitz): “Ew, get off of me! As if!”

It looks like we may have found the movie’s number one fan!

Lauren Cohen, ‘Clueless’ fan: “I’m dressed as Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone, in the first scene of ‘Clueless.’ It’s definitely the most iconic costume she wears in the movie.”

Before enjoying the movie, enjoy an activity set up in the lobby — like karaoke.

Shireen and I would own karaoke! You know we are great singers.

If letting your freak flag fly in public is not for you, don’t worry about it the next time around.

KC Korge: “We’ll have a hair braider come in and braid hair, or we’ll have somebody come in and read feminist tarot cards and stuff like that. It’s going to be different every time you show up.”

The fellas are welcome, too, and we did spot a few. But ladies, this one is definitely for you.

Lauren Cohen: “It’s pretty perfect. There’s nothing in Miami like this right now.”

“Girl Gang Flicks” returns next Thursday with another great movie — “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.”


Girl Gang Flicks

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