We talk a lot about BTS on Deco, but once upon a time, *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys were the biggest bands on the planet.

This weekend, some of the ’90s best are going to be one stage. Deco’s Alex Miranda, who acts like he was born in the ’90s and probably was, has more.

For those of us who grew up with *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, the idea of them joining forces is almost as crazy as Nicki Minaj and Cardi B trading raps, but it’s happening. Grab your Trapper Keepers and Lipsmackers, because the ’90s is back, baby!


*NSYNC: “Bye bye bye (Bye bye)”

Backstreet Boys…

Backstreet Boys: “Backstreet’s back, alright!”

And…a pool party?!

AJ McLean: “We’re singing each other’s songs and going down memory lane, because combined we have 30 years of hits!”

It’s all ’90s nostalgia at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach this Saturday!

Chris Kirkpatrick: “Oh! I do have a thing of Beanie Babies!”

Alex Miranda: “Still??”

Chris Kirkpatrick: “And I know I look like the typical Beanie Baby collector.”

Alex Miranda: “Haha!”

*NSYNC members Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone will join Backstreet Boy AJ McLean…

AJ McLean: “We’ve all grown up.”

(OK, well, not a boy anymore.) On the LIV stage at 9 o’clock! What else could a Millennial possibly want?

Chris Kirkpatrick: “Maybe throw in some Tamagotchis and Hit Clips, and we’ll be right back to the ’90s all over again.”

Alex Miranda: “Tamagotchis! Haha.”

And forget team-this or team-that — there’s no real rivalry here.

Alex Miranda: “Was there any other song, any other music video that you were like, ‘Ugh, I wish we got that song!'”

Joey Fatone: “‘I Want It That Way’ came out. That’s a badass song. Like, ‘Damn it. I wish I had that.'”

AJ McLean: “‘This I Promise You’ is a beautiful ballad.”

Joey Fatone: “But you know what? We had ‘Bye Bye Bye.’ We got ‘I Want You Back.’ We’ve got ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart.’ We’re alright.”

Chris Kirkpatrick: “I’d probably say Spice Girls’ ‘Wannabe.'”

Alex Miranda: “yes! Haha”

He even showed me a photo on his camera roll…

Chris Kirkpatrick: “Found it!

Alex Miranda: “Oh, yes! Ha!”

For the first time, the groups met at an airport before any of them were famous!

Chris Kirkpatrick: “It was so neat talking about the future and the potential of each one of our bands.”

Alex Miranda: “Wow.”

And we’re not done with the familiar faces…

Ryan Cabrera: “On the way down, I saw you and you saved me from myself.”

Oh, yeah! DJ Ryan Cabrera will be spinning by the pool from 1 to 6 p.m., for hotel guests.

AJ McLean: “I’m kind of outnumbered as far as groups go, so I’m basically going to make Ryan an honorary Backstreet Boy for the night.”

And, speaking of teen pop idols. It’s all love for Princess of Pop, Britney Spears.

Joey Fatone: “Hopefully she just gains her own self back.”

AJ McLean: “She just seems slowly but surely happier and happier each day, and that’s all that matters.”

General admission is $99 for the concert.


Fontainebleau Miami Beach ’90s Pool Party
4441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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