Nothing fishy: Sushi Maki serves up fishless vegan rolls

If sushi doesn’t have fish, is it still sushi? I don’t care. It’s fishless sushi, and it’s awesome.

When it comes to creating unique sushi, the folks at Sushi Maki are on a roll.

This sushi standout has come up with some new menu items, but something’s fishy here. These rolls have no fish.

Abe Ng, Sushi Maki: “We have a great new line of rolls called the Kenko Collection, and it’s plant-based or plant-forward sushi rolls that are all vegetarian, vegan, gluten free.”

The Kenko Collection was designed with vegetables in mind.

Abe Ng, Sushi Maki: “The old style of sushi rolls that were vegetarian were rolls that you took out the fish. What we did was, we thought about the vegetables as the first thing, and then we combined it with amazing flavors and textures.”

“Kenko” means “beautiful” in Japanese, so the first thing you’ll notice are the beautiful colors.

Abe Ng: “The rice that we use, we call it purple rice, and it’s a combination of white rice, brown rice, mahogany rice and black rice, or the forbidden rice. It’s not dye, it’s just, when the rice cooks together, the flavors, the colors bleed together and gives it just a beautiful eggplant color.”

There are three rolls in the collection. The Sweet Tato comes with rice, mango, cucumber, avocado, and it’s topped with sweet potato.

Abe Ng: “It’s on the sweet side, but there’s a wonderful depth to the flavors.”

The 24 Carrot has a pureed carrot combo inside, and it’s an all-veggie version of a spicy tuna roll.

And the Mighty-Shroom is hearty, filled with spinach, avocado and mushrooms.

Abe Ng: “It’s also topped with a dollop of vegan mayonnaise.”

The Kenko Collection might be all veggies, but these healthy rolls were created to fill you up.

Balli Logan, diner: “It just doesn’t taste like you’re just eating vegetables. There’s a lot of substance and flavor in it.”

The Kenko rolls are about $10 each, and good news: They are set to be on the menu for a while.

Sushi Maki

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